The Castleton Polling Institute

As a small liberal arts university, Castleton works to provide the best possible education for our students, and service learning figures prominently into that objective. At the Castleton Polling Institute, students learn by doing; we have established a professional atmosphere that utilizes the best practices of survey research and polling. In addition, Castleton uses service learning to give back to our state and our communities. The Polling Institute is part of that effort, working with governments, businesses, media, and non-profits to help them collect and analyze data that contributes to their work.


The Castleton Polling Institute aims to be the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for understanding public opinion in Vermont.


The Castleton Polling Institute is committed to the highest quality data collection from survey research and polling. We employ the best practices in scientific survey research and focus group research to collect data from human subjects and generate information that either contributes to the public debate on an issue or gives clients important attitudinal information about their current and prospective customers or clients. 

The Castleton Polling Institute is a resource for government, non-profit, and private entities that need data collection or evaluation assistance. 

In the process of polling and focus groups, the Institute contributes to the educational mission of the University by involving students in original research, data collection and data analysis. Students learn about the process of data collection as well as the substance of public attitudes.

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