Designing Professional Development that Brings out the Best in our Colleagues

Course Number:  EDU 5515 C35
Instructor: Bill Rich & Wendy Cohen
Location: Capitol Plaza, Montpelier, VT
Dates and Times: November 7, December 14, January 19, March 15
Credits: 3 credits
Tuition: $1,590

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Course Description

This course is designed for individuals and/or teams of educators who design and provide professional development for educators.

Increasingly educators are taking on the complex role of teaching and/or coaching their colleagues. What are principles and practices that seasoned, skilled adult educators use to design and orchestrate learning experiences that bring out the best in our colleagues? Whether you’ve just become an instructional leader/coach, or someone who’s plied these waters for years, we’ll meet you where you are and help you design, implement, and evaluate a plan for bringing out the best in you, your colleagues, and their learners. To extend and deepen learning those taking this course for credit will apply learning study, and reflect together after each WORKshop.

WORKshop 1: Getting Clear about What Matters Most (November 7)
So how is teaching our colleagues similar to and different from teaching younger learners? After a compelling and humorous introduction to the principles of adult learning design, we’ll dig into the details of identifying what matters most when designing and orchestrating learning for our colleagues. Participants will use their new learning to draft and tune an action plan tailored to their specific role and learners. 

WORKshop 2: Strategies for Targeting Practice & Orchestrating Feedback (December 14)
We’ll spend the morning sharing, modeling, and considering strategies for targeting practice and orchestrating feedback in ways that bring out the best in our colleagues and support their learning. Participants will identify the strategies they want to try out and begin designing and refining a plan to apply these back in their setting. 

WORKshop 3: Strategies for Creating a Culture of Collaborative Inquiry (January 19)
We are smarter when we work together toward a common purpose, yet most educators continue to work in isolation. Why does this tradition of private practice persist in our public schools? How can we inspire and empower educators to begin working together in ways that nourish each other and their students? Throughout this workshop we’ll model and practice strategies for tapping the collective wisdom of our colleagues, students, and communities in the age of Act 77 and Education Quality Standards (EQS).

WORKshop 4: Ending Well: Revisiting and Enhancing What Matters Most (March 15)
How we end a learning experience has a dramatic impact on what is learned and whether that learning endures. What are some of the very best strategies for wrapping up the year? After studying a range of specific examples and processes, we’ll devote most of the day to designing and tuning your approach to ending the year well for your particular learners.

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