Extend the Learning 2017: Professional Development Conference to Implementation

Course Number: EDU 5515 C28/MUS 5710 C01
Instructor: Matt LaRocca
Location: Castleton University
Dates and Times: October 6, 2017 conference, online follow-up October 10 through November 28, 2017
Credits: 1 credit

Note: Please register directly with the Vermont Music Educators Association (VMEA). If you wish to take the course for Castleton credit, please notify VMEA who will then give you the link to Castleton's online registration form.

Course Description

Participants will attend the Fall Professional Development Conference sponsored by the Vermont Music Educators Association on Friday, October 6, 2017 at Castleton University. Course participants who sign up for one graduate credit must attend the full day of events and complete additional hours of online coursework to total 15 hours of active learning. Participation at the conference requires that course enrollees attend one workshop in each session slot, the keynote address and a 30-minute informational meeting about our course. All online coursework must be completed by Tuesday, November 28th. This course is sponsored by Vermont Music Educators Association (VMEA) in collaboration with Music-COMP as part of its fall professional development conference for 2017. Matt LaRocca, DMA is the instructor/facilitator of this graduate level course.

Course Objectives

Learning Objectives – Participants will:
• Describe in detail one of the workshops sessions attended each day.
• Discuss personal reflections about music education inspired by the conference.
• Dialogue with other music educators on the topics generated by the conference sessions.
• Plan for implementation of one idea – theme, process, technique or tool – from sessions at the conference for use in his or her own music education classes.

Course Expectations

Course Schedule
Friday, October 6, 2017 VMEA Fall Professional Development Conference at Castleton University. Full day attendance is required.
Full details available at www.vmea.org along with registration for this conference. Registration for college credit will be handled on site at the graduate credit meeting during the required Oct. 10th meeting. However, payment must be arranged with VMEA at the time you register for the conference.
1. You’ll receive an invitation to join our online course discussion site at http:// musicedcredit2017.pbworks.com/. pbworks is free to educators. If you don’t receive an invitation, request access or contact Matt for more information. A handout will be distributed at the conference meeting describing how to use pbworks.
a. First, post a brief bio under the appropriate Page heading.
b. Add a profile picture to your account.
2. For the next assignment, “Create a page” under +New. Describe one of the workshops sessions attended at the conference. Be sure your name is in the Page Title along with an identifying title from the session itself. Provide enough detail so that someone who was not in attendance can understand salient points from the session. Respond to any questions posed by class members about your session. If you have any attachments such as a handout, you may add them to the Files and link within your description. There most likely will be several folks who post descriptions of the same session, but this is acceptable. Often different people take away different ideas.
3. In a separate discussion thread, reflect on your personal thoughts inspired by the conference. These could be questions, musings, beliefs and challenges for music education. Add ideas and potential solutions regarding issues to focus our discussion on what we can do to positively influence music and education in the coming year and beyond.
4. Write a one and a half to two page paper describing your plans for implementation of one idea from the conference. This idea can be a theme, process, technique or tool. The plan should be for implementation in your own music education setting and commence by the end of this school year. Include a time line for implementation and describe it sufficiently that others could adopt/adapt for their own use.
The paper is to be single spaced and posted to the class wiki either as text you copy and past to a New Page or as an attachment (New File upload) in either doc, txt, pdf or rtf format so it can be read by others in the class. Be sure to post your name in the title and something descriptive about your plan. This will help all identify the page. If you would rather create a video, audio or visual file, discuss with Matt about sharing that in our wiki. Alternatives are acceptable and innovation always welcomed. Classmate responses to these postings for implementation is encouraged as well.
5. Continue to participate by reading the posts of others throughout the seven weeks and respond when appropriate. Responses can be short affirmations or longer reflections, but all must be in a respectful tone in keeping with Vermont’s Grade Expectation for Arts Education, Reflection and Critique and Making Connections. All course participants should visit the wiki site at least once a week for 1 hour in the follow up period. Post at least one or two responses per week.

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