Integrated Performance Assessments in the World Language Classroom

Course Number: EDU 5515 C09
Instructor: Elizabeth Filskov
Location: Rutland, VT
Dates and Times: July 31, 2017 - August 4, 2017, 9 am - 3 pm
Credits: 3 credits
Tuition: $925

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Course Description

Today’s World Language programs are charged with teaching and assessing clear and effective communication skills across the 3 modes of communication – interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. Yet World Language pedagogues know that few textbook programs come with the materials or resources to teach and assess these skills, and that logistically this charge can seem challenging within the time we are allotted to plan, deliver and assess instruction.

This seminar is intended for professional world language educators who wish to take the 21st Century plunge and integrate communicative competence at the forefront of their curricula. This seminar involves participants in the analysis and application of Integrated Performance Assessments in the proficiency-based world language classroom. Integrated performance assessments support the Agency Of Education's Education Quality Standards, and are promoted by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) as the best-practices platform of teaching, learning, and assessing student proficiency of these transferable skills.

Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to build - backwards by design - integrated performance assessments tied to the participants’ curricular content and speaking and listening standards. Participants will explore the construction and usage of this tool within a standards-based model, and eventually evaluate the instruction and assessment of communication as a proficiency standard.

Participants will have the time, guidance, and research-informed structure within which to design integrated performance assessments using their own materials.

Course Expectations

All participants are expected to attend all sessions from beginning to end, and to write and publish IPAs for all units of each of their respective curricula.

Required Texts

Text not included in the price of the course.
"Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment"
By: Bonnie Adair-Hauck, Eileen W. Glisan, and Francis J. Troyan
Publisher: ACTFL

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