Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards

Course Number: EDU 5627 C01
Instructor: Hannah P Gelroth
Location: Rutland, Vermont
Dates and Times: This course is a combination of in-person meetings and online/independent work using Google Classroom. In-person meetings: Mondays, 4 - 7 pm on September 18, October 2, 16, 30 and November 13
Credits: 3 credits
Tuition: $975

Note: Please register online. Purchase order or payment of $975, payable to RRWIB, is due at the time of registration. Please mail check to the Castleton Center for Schools, PO Box 6049, Rutland, VT 05701. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call the Center for Schools at (802) 770-7060.

Course Description

This course supports teachers in the implementation and practice of the Next Generation Science Standards. We will explore the three dimensions of the standards through hands-on activities, sample lessons, class discussions and readings. The focus will be on argumentation from evidence through the use of science discussions, and incorporating purposeful and meaningful inquiry that directly link to the standards. The highly collaborative, participant-driven learning environment will give teachers a chance to learn from each other and to develop two lessons that are aligned with the NGSS. Classroom implementation for one of these lessons is supported through the VINS ELF Science program. This course is designed for teachers in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Course Objectives

In this course we will focus on the following essential questions:
• What are the implications of the NGSS in our teaching and our classrooms?
• How can we use the NGSS to help our students engage with the world around them as scientists and engineers?
Course Objectives:
• Explore the NGSS in depth and identify the implications for instruction
• Explore the connections between the CCSS and the NGSS
• Investigate and implement instructional practices that align with the NGSS and support student learning, with a focus on science and engineering
• Develop two lessons that align with the NGSS
• Reflect on the implementation of the NGSS practices into your classroom

Required Texts

All required readings will be available on Google Classroom.

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