Introduction to Lessons in Educating Out-of-Doors (L.E.O.)

Course Number: To be assigned as cohorts are formed.
Instructor: Kurt Valenta, M.Ed.
Location: At individual school sites for qualifying cohorts
Dates and Times: Start date is May 20, 2017
Credits: 1 credit
Tuition: $275

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Course Description

Tailored to the individual school and its teachers, Lessons in Educating Outdoors (L.E.O.) is a unique course that will travel to school sites for a minimum participating cohort of 6 educators. With built-in flexibility for the busy classroom teacher, the course will be held after school, on-site, and primarily outside, modelling the outdoor classroom setting. Through hands-on exploration and interactive, constructive learning, participants will gain the confidence in using Nature’s abundance to obtain curriculum goals while transforming their schoolyard into a rich learning environment. Resulting lesson plans will meet 21st Century educational objectives and State Standards for the modern classroom.

Course Goals

The goals to be achieved in L.E.O. training are threefold:
1. To bring an awareness of the natural world and demonstrate how the endless variety of nature’s materials and settings, can be used through-out the school year, to create meaningful and impactful lessons.
2. To imbue the classroom teacher with the confidence, the ability and the management skills to readily use the outside classroom alongside the more traditional facilities.
3. To use a school-specific environment and bring real-world connections for students by applying inquiry and problem-solving with cross-curricular learning opportunities.

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Kurt Valenta (802) 238-3697

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