Join the Maker Movement with 3D Printing

Course Number: EDU 5515 C54
Instructor: Clarena M. Renfrow and Rodney Batschelet
Location: Castleton University, Stafford Academic Center, Castleton, Vermont
Dates and Times: Saturdays: June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22 and August 5 from 9 am - 5 pm plus 15 online hours
Credits: 3 credits
Tuition: $1,600, includes 3D printer

Note: Please register online. Purchase order or payment of $1,600, payable to RRWIB, is due at the time of registration. Please mail check to the Castleton Center for Schools, PO Box 6049, Rutland, VT 05701. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call the Center for Schools at (802) 770-7060.

Course Description

The “Join the Maker Movement with 3D Printing” course is intended to provide educators with a background and basic expertise in developing projects for students to design and create with 3D printers. Teachers will learn how to build 3D models and print 3D objects using a 3D printer as well as pedagogy and real world applications.

Course Goals

The “Join the Maker Movement with 3D Printing” course is designed to meet the following goals:

1. Proficiency in learning to use 3D modeling software
2. Proficiency in using a 3D printer
3. Learning to take 3D models to the finished stage
4. Understanding Real World Applications
5. Developing a unit in 3D printing for students

Course Objectives and Projects

This course is designed to teach educators the 3D printing process from start to finish and create a unit in 3D printing that they can integrate into their classroom curriculum.

● Complete/watch all of the assigned readings/videos for each class so that class participation can be as full and informed as possible. If you have to miss class for any
reason, you can retrieve assignments/videos from Edu 2.0 site.
● Develop lesson plans for 3D printing units that you will use in your classroom.
● Participation in on-line assignments each week.
● There will be a hands-on portion of class as well as an on-line portion of the class.
● Creating 3D models

For more information on the printer or for a complete syllabus, please contact instructor Clarena Renfrow.

For additional course information

Clarena M. Renfrow
(802) 770-8478

For additional registration information

Bethany Sprague
(802) 770-7060

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