Personalized Learning and ePortfolios with the NEW Google Sites & Google for Education Tools

Course Number: EDU 5515 C15
Instructor: Patricia Aigner
Location: Rutland TBD
Dates and Times: Saturday, November 4 from 9 am to 3 pm with the remainder online
Credits:  3 credits
Tuition: $950

Note: Please register onlinePurchase order or payment of $950, payable to RRWIB, is due at the time of registration. Please mail check to the Castleton Center for Schools, PO Box 6049, Rutland, VT 05701. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call the Center for Schools at (802) 770-7060.

Course Description

Act 77 requires by law that schools implement personalized learning plans for all students in grades 7 through 12 which are developmentally appropriate, and “reflect the student’s emerging abilities, aptitudes and disposition”. This 3 credit course will facilitate the process by teaching educators how to use Google Sites, Docs, Classroom, Youtube, Photos, Slides, Drawing and more to design ePortfolios which support and demonstrate individual learner skills, knowledge, preferences and interests. It is a starting point for districts who wish to design free interactive ePortfolios which can be viewed by stakeholders (teachers, parents, and admins) and edited by students. Through an online model, participants will interact with a Learning Management System for class discussions, responses to articles and other activities.
Participants will design a free digital portfolio using Google Sites. This portfolio design can be accomplished as an individual, or in collaboration with a partner/group of educators from the same school district. Groups could include but not be limited to teachers, guidance, administrators, special educators and technologists.

Course Goals

• Educators will examine and reflect on the resources provided by the Vermont AOE for personalized learning. They will interpret these resources in their efforts to design a digital ePortfolio.
• Teachers will create a Google ePortfolio using materials from their own district, Vermont AOE and templates provided by the instructor.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:
• Understand the difference between personalization, differentiation and individualization
• Describe the role of the educator and student in a personalized learning environment
• Design an ePortfolio which supports personalized learning
• Understand how students can use phones, computers, chromebooks and tablets to contribute to and document their best work.

Course Expectations

Produce an ePortfolio using Google Sites. The ePortfolio should be the educator’s interpretation of what a Personalized Learning Plan would look like for their school, district or SU.

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