We are committed to the expansion of the mind and exploration of scientific thought.

Psychology is offered as a major program leading to the B.A. degree. Concentra­tions in forensic psychology, developmental psychology, and health psychology are offered along with an Honors Program for students interested in pursuing advanced research under the close supervision of a faculty member. All required psychology courses must be com­pleted with a grade of 2.0 or better.

Graduates with a B.A. in Psychology will be able to:

  1. Read, understand, and critique the classic and contemporary research literature.
  2. Design, conduct, analyze, interpret, and successfully present scientific research.
  3. Speak and write effectively in the discourse of the discipline.
  4. Evaluate their own unique interests, abilities, career, and life goals.

In addition, graduates will be prepared to pursue advanced graduate training and/or careers in human ser­vices. Concentrations in forensic psychology and developmental psychology also prepare students for advanced training and/or careers in civil and criminal justice or in education.

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