Welcome Community College of Vermont Students!

Castleton works closely with the Community College of Vermont and encourages CCV graduates to continue their education at Castleton.

President Dave Wolk says, "Castleton faculty have learned that CCV graduates are capable of becoming some of Castleton's most successful students and alumni. They will make the most of a Castleton education and will contribute in and outside the classroom."

Castleton and CCV have agreed that any student who graduates from CCV is guaranteed admission to Castleton. Students do need to apply, but there is no application fee. A few Castleton programs, such as nursing and music, have more restrictive admissions requirements.

But guaranteed acceptance is just a small part of the cooperation, because CCV graduates could always expect to be accepted at Castleton.

Castleton provides academic and financial aid advising to CCV students who wish to plan a smooth transition to Castleton. That help can be very important for a student.

All CCV credits will be accepted and applied to the students’ major as appropriate, then to Castleton’s general education requirements, and finally to the electives that fill out a degree. Getting the balance exactly right can be tricky, but if you are thinking of Castleton, you have the advantage of gaining academic advice while you are at CCV that will allow you make the most of your time at both colleges.

Castleton and CCV have developed Pathway plans for four popular majors so that students who follow the prescribed plan will not need to take more than 64 credits at Castleton to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Students listen to a lecture in a classroom. CCV Graduates Will Receive Castleton's Transfer Success Scholarship!

CCV Associate Degree graduates who transfer to Castleton will automatically receive the Transfer Success Scholarship. This scholarship of $4,200 per year will be awarded to students entering Castleton on a full-time basis in the fall or spring semester. Awards are renewable for students making satisfactory academic progress towards their degree. Recipients must maintain continuous enrollment at Castleton and a grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.