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The mission of the Student Services Center is to provide our students with a centralized, one-stop office where they can obtain quality individualized service for all of their billing, registration and financial aid information needs, in a professional friendly timely and accurate manner. Our dedicated empowered consultants continuously strive to meet or exceed customer expectations, and constantly seek to improve quality of service by analyzing processes and utilizing technological innovations.

We are the one-stop shop for registration, billing and financial aid, as well as an information center for any and all inquiries. What you can do here:

...and generally get pointed in the right direction!


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A Date for Nate

As the Castleton football team put forth a record-breaking performance on the field on October 11, they also made the game an unforgettable day for one young man who had the opportunity to be an honorary member of the Spartans team for a day. Sixth grader…