Health and Safety Policies for Use of University Facilities

All users of University Facilities are expected to abide by the following health and safety policies as well as all local ordinances and state and federal laws, and other University policies.

“Users” refers to any individual or group using University facilities, including but not limited to students and student organizations, faculty and academic departments, staff and administrative entities, athletic teams, Alumni, conference groups, and those groups of individuals unaffiliated with the University.

“University Facilities” refers to all property belonging to the University, including but not limited to the main campus buildings and grounds and Spartan arena.

Fire Safety

Established occupancy limits cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.

All access/egress points must be well marked and kept clear at all times.

No open flames (i.e., candles, bonfires, fireplace fires) are allowed without permission.

All persons must vacate the premises each time a fire alarm sounds.

Tampering or misuse of any emergency equipment is a serious violation of campus policy and could result in a $500 fine.

Firearms and Weapons

The use and possession of firearms and other weapons is strictly prohibited.

Public Roadways and Walkways

Roadways and walkways must be kept clear for access by emergency personnel.


No dogs or other animals, with the exception of aquarium fish and support animals for people with disabilities, are allowed in University buildings.

Any dogs on campus must be on a leash and may not be left unattended, in a vehicle, or tied up. 


Reasonable consumption of alcoholic beverages on University property is a privilege accorded under specified conditions to individuals of legal age as defined by Vermont Law. These individuals may drink alcohol in areas defined as private domiciles (i.e., individual student rooms, suite living rooms and the President's House) or at licensed events. Alcohol consumption or possession is prohibited in all residence hall rooms or suites assigned solely to underage students. No open container of alcohol may be carried into or consumed outside of approved areas. Scheduled events must remain within the approved designated area.

Smoking/Tobacco Use

Tobacco use is prohibited in all Castleton University property, both indoors and outdoors, as well as in vehicles owned by the University.

For purposes of this policy, "tobacco" is defined as any manufactured product containing tobacco or nicotine, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, shisha, pipes, water pipes (hookah), dissolvable tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, other electronic or battery-powered vaping devices, and all forms of smokeless tobacco.

However, "tobacco" does not include any product that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, pursuant to its authority over drugs and devices, for sale as a tobacco use cessation product or for other medical purposes and is being marketed and sold solely for that approved purpose.

"Castleton University property" is defined as property owned, leased, or operated by the University, including, but not limited to, campus buildings, campus grounds, residential buildings, parking areas, walkways, recreational and supporting facilities.