Requesting an Article

If you find a citation for an article you would like to obtain, it is fairly easy to request it through the library's Interlibrary Loan service. There are a few things to check before submitting this request, however.

First, check the Journal Listings to determine whether or not our library has a subscription to the journal, or has access to full-text in a database collection. If the library owns the journal or has access to the article in full-text, you should not submit a request for the article. If you need help locating or retrieving an article, please contact the Reference Desk: (802) 468-1257.

If the library does not subscribe to - or have access to - the journal, you may submit an Article Request Form.

To complete this form, you will need to provide your name and an email address, as well as information about the article you are requesting. You can either copy and paste the citation from a database, or type in the information if you have located the citation in a printed reference list.

It is helpful if you provide the source of your citation. It is not necessary to identify a library that has a subscription to the journal.

When the library receives a copy of the article, it will generally be attached in an email message to you.