Castleton Introduces Gender Inclusive Housing

Beginning in the fall of the 2017-18 academic year Castleton University will move to offer gender inclusive housing options, a concept that stems from work by the University’s President’s Council on Inclusive Excellence. Allowing residence halls to be a diverse living environment for all students, multiple halls both on and off campus and will feature gender inclusive bathrooms and bedrooms on a designated floor of select dormitory buildings.

“This concept began small but over the past year we have done the research and identified a need for students to have more inclusive living options that meet all students’ needs,” said Director of Residence Life Michael Robilotto. “Not all students are comfortable being housed based on their gender identity, and this option allows for students to choose roommates regardless of gender.”

Gender Inclusive HousingPlans began in March of 2016 under the title Gender Neutral Housing and were offered on the first floor of Ellis Hall. The following spring Robilotto and the Residence Life staff polled students in a Student Satisfaction Survey on the advantages of a gender inclusive housing option, finding that more than fifty percent of students responded with high interest in the proposed style of housing.

Students interested in signing up for gender inclusive housing can make a request during the fall 2017 room selection process held in April. New students are also welcome to contact Residence Life to take advantage of the new housing option.

“A goal of implementing and improving gender inclusive housing is to create a safe living environment that better serves our students and their diverse needs,” said Robilotto. "We plan to continue moving forward and working to make a more inclusive environment in the residence halls.”