Castleton’s Unique Gallery Space Highlights Local Artists

Nestled between the busy intersection of Merchants Row and Center Street in Rutland sits the large windows of the Castleton University Bank Gallery, giving passers-by an intimate peek into the University’s newest artistic space. Previously used as an operational bank site since 1911, Castleton has transformed the location into a functioning art gallery which showcases the works of local artists from around New England each month.

“The architecture is really spectacular, from the Italian marble teller line and intricate plaster ceiling to the original walk-in safe. The space is unique with a lot of personality and visual interest, not to mention at a very central and visible location perfect for a gallery space,” said Castleton University Gallery Assistant Jennifer Field.

Gallery ArtLocated at 104 Merchants Row, the Castleton University Bank Gallery is open to the public Thursday through Saturday with hours of operation from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Hosting the art of more than a dozen new artists a year, the gallery has featured a variety of exhibitions including painting, sculpture, mixed media, sound and photography displays.

In addition to presenting regular art shows, the gallery is also home to monthly artist receptions and other special events.

“Rutland happens to be a hub between major cities and has great potential to become a vibrant and lively place where the arts flourish,” explained Field, “A place where the creative veins of nearby communities unite.”

The current CU Bank Gallery show features the works of Angelo Arnold running through Thursday, February 15. Entitled "Displaced" the exhibit showcases furniture-inspired anthropomorphic sculptures.

“I can think of many ways a community can benefit from the presence of art, but one especially prevalent in our current social climate is how it tends to cultivate the positive community values of tolerance, diversity, and self-expression,” said Field. “The arts tend to serve as the ideal, equitable platform for individuals, regardless of social or economic status, to express their unique experience.” 

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