Tegan Waite Recognized as Commuter of the Semester

At Fall Convocation, senior and Multi-Disciplinary Studies major Tegan Waite was named the thirty-second Commuter Student of the Semester by President Dave Wolk. Hailing from Brandon, Vermont, Waite was recognized for her exemplary leadership skills in her studies and outstanding volunteerism far beyond the United States borders.

On Campus, Waite is an active member of the Student Orientation Team working with first-year students during Registration, Orientation, and the First Year Seminar classes.

With a long record of community service, Waite is also one of the original founders of the HEAL Kenya Club at Castleton, which helps to create and implement models for orphanages that encompass the four characteristics of health, education, ample nutrition, and love. She recently spent this past summer volunteering her services in Kenya along with other members of the Castleton HEAL Kenya Club.

“The most rewarding part of being a part of the HEAL Kenya Club is watching other Castleton students get excited and get involved with a project that is so close to my heart,” said Waite, who in her spare time also teaches at the Vermont Center for Dance Education and serves as a director and choreographer for the Rutland Youth Theatre’s musicals through the Rutland Recreation Department. “I love what I am doing and I love working with children so no matter where I end up, or what I end up doing I'm positive it will involve a mix of art, service, and children.”

As Commuter Student of the Semester, Waite will have the honor of parking in the president’s parking space for the entire semester.