We are Castleton... University

On July 23, 2015 the Vermont State Colleges (VSC) Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution to modernize Castleton’s name to Castleton University. The name change takes effect immediately and is representative of more than a decade of growth along with aspirations of a bright future mapped out by the current strategic plan.

The resolution also calls for the VSC to become a more unified system.

The Board determined that a focused effort to allow the VSC to become a more comprehensive, cohesive, and interconnected system, comprising multiple distinct institutions, will be essential to expanding educational opportunities, achieving operational efficiencies, and ensuring long term viability.

“A new level of collaboration, effectiveness and efficiency will result in more opportunities for our students and a strong future for all of our institutions,” said Board Chair Martha O’Connor.

Castleton has been building towards this moment for more than a decade and is poised to maximize the advantages provided by this historic change.

From 2002 through 2012 Castleton followed through on a ten-year master plan that resulted in the investment of over $75 million in infrastructure improvements on campus, with every current building or facility having been renovated or newly constructed, and the university is now at the capacity of its current Castleton footprint.

The fall of 2013 saw the inauguration of The Castleton Plan, a strategic plan and blueprint developed collaboratively over the course of more than a year that envisioned the next ten years at Castleton.

Highlighted by new and enhanced graduate programs, with a doctoral program under development, the plan also includes incremental enrollment growth, a focus on international enrollment, and increased opportunities for students in Rutland that will further enhance the quality of a Castleton education while contributing to economic and community development in the greater Rutland region and throughout Vermont.

"Due to the hard work of our faculty and staff, and the loyal support of our alumni and other friends of Castleton, our college has emerged into a university for the benefit of our students, the Rutland Region and the State of Vermont,” said President Dave Wolk. “I am very thankful that the place we love will continue to provide a personalized, high quality educational experience for our fortunate students, with continued reinvigoration of our campus, expanded graduate programs, a new international focus and newly developing entrepreneurial programs in Rutland and statewide. We are brimming with Spartan Pride!"

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Chancellor Jeb Spaulding affirmed that “our effort to create more cohesiveness among our colleges and university will provide students with access to the resources of the whole system: from a vibrant community college with presence around the state to a technical college with degrees closely connected to Vermont’s growing economy to two four-year, liberal arts colleges that prepare students for careers and now to a small public university with a multitude of degree programs.”

The full Board will consider revising the name of the system to better reflect the new relationship among its institutions, a step it will likely consider during its fall meeting cycle.