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There is a legendary and enduring section of sidewalk that runs parallel to Calvin Coolidge Library on the Castleton campus. Engraved in successive pavement stones are a series of names and dates: Rutland County Grammar School, 1787-1828; Vermont Classical High School, 1828-1830; Castleton Seminary, 1830-1876, State Normal School, 1867-1920; Castleton Normal School 1921-1947; Castleton State Teachers College, 1947-1962; and Castleton State College, since 1962.

In its more than 225-year history as an institution of higher learning, Castleton has experienced a myriad of challenges, defining moments, and transformations. Many of those moments were accompanied by a name change that reflected the changing reality and mission of the institution.

Such is the case for Castleton University, and on July 23, 2015 the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees unanimously approved modernizing Castleton’s name.

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