University FAQs

A transformational change such as the modernization of the Castleton name may leave some members of the immediate and extended communities with questions. What follows are common questions and answers about Castleton University.

Castleton Community

When did the change to Castleton University take effect?

Castleton University was officially named on July 23, 2015, after the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees adopted the name change with unanimous vote. The change is effective immediately.

Read the official resolution

Will this be the first time Castleton’s name has changed?

Since its founding in 1787, Castleton has experienced a myriad of transformations, many of which have been accompanied by a name change. This is the seventh such change.

  • 1787-1828 Rutland County Grammar School
  • 1828-1830 Vermont Classical High School
  • 1830-1876 Castleton Seminary
  • 1867-1920 State Normal School
  • 1921-1947 Castleton Normal School
  • 1947-1962 Castleton State Teachers College
  • 1962-2015 Castleton State College

What does this mean for the small, relationship-based education Castleton is known for?

The modernization of the name is not a change in mission. Castleton will always be a relationship-based, teaching university based in the liberal arts and sciences, with a focus on career preparation. The name change will not affect the low student-to-faculty ratio, commitment to keeping class sizes small, or community atmosphere that are key components of a Castleton education.

What changes will students see as a result of the name change?

Students will not experience much change outside of new signage and other branded materials. However, we do hope that the change results in a renewed sense of pride in Castleton’s long-standing commitment to meaningful, personalized education leading to better lives and high quality job opportunities.

How will the name change benefit students?

The name change more accurately reflects the range of academic programs available to Castleton graduates and to current students. Graduating from Castleton University will help our students compete on a more equal footing with graduates of other teaching universities of similar size and scope.

How will the name change benefit the institution?

As a university Castleton will be better positioned to expand its efforts in the area of private foundational and federal government funding, entrepreneurial endeavors, and other areas of fundraising.

Additionally, new and expanded graduate programs, and a proposed doctoral program will benefit from a broader appeal and a more common understanding among prospective students of all Castleton has to offer in the areas of post-graduate studies.

Finally, as a university Castleton will break down a common language barrier that exists within international recruitment. Many countries associate a “college” with what is traditionally considered a high school in the United States, while “university” is more commonly recognized as higher education.

How should I refer to the institution?

At first reference, and on all official documents, “Castleton University” should be used. Second references and casual mentions should use “Castleton”. “CU” is not an approved naming convention for Castleton University.

Will the name change cost Castleton a lot of money?

No, because the primary wordmark, logo sets, and overall brand identity have relied solely on “Castleton” as the primary naming convention, there will not need to be a large investment in signage, and other marketing materials. Necessary changes will be implemented on a regular schedule of purchasing those materials.

Will the name change affect faculty member teaching responsibility?

No, this change does not have any bearing on bargaining unit agreements.


How will the name change affect admissions and admission standards?

The admissions standards will not be impacted by this change. The change to a university does not change Castleton’s mission to be a relationship-based, teaching university based in the liberal arts and sciences, with a focus on career preparation. The Castleton admissions office will continue to assist and admit students with records of exceptional academic achievement and commitment to civic-mindedness.

Will the name designation affect tuition and financial aid?

No, tuition costs and financial aid will not be determined or affected by the Castleton University name change. Annual tuition increases are not based on the name of the institution. The same forms, procedures and standards for applying for and receiving financial aid will continue to apply. Additionally, students will see tuition rates frozen at the 2015-16 level for the 2016-17 academic year.

Which graduating class will be the first to receive Castleton University diplomas?

Students graduating in December 2015 will be the first to receive Castleton University diplomas.

Will the name change in any way alter Castleton’s status as a public institution of higher education?

Castleton remains a proud member of the Vermont State Colleges, a public system of higher education that features five institutions with diverse offerings for the benefit of Vermont.


Will the institutional logo, colors, mascot or athletic logo change?

Castleton will continue to use the institution’s most recent visual identity introduced in the fall of 2014. Castleton student-athletes will continue to compete as the Spartans and the school’s mascot and athletic logo set introduced in 2004 will remain the same. Castleton will continue to be proud of its number 343 green and white primary colors. Additional word marks will be introduced to the visual identity to reflect the full name.

What other changes will be made around campus?

Signs, the Castleton website, letterhead, business cards, clothing, and other branded materials will systematically be implemented to reflect the new name.

When can I purchase new Castleton University merchandise?

Castleton University merchandise and apparel is currently available at and will be available for purchase at the campus store for the fall 2015 semester.


What does this mean for alumni?

We hope that our alumni will feel a renewed sense of Spartan pride in seeing their alma mater continue its advancement in both name and status. The name change does not impact their existing degree.

Can alumni request new Castleton University diplomas?

Alumni were able to request commemorative Castleton University diplomas until January 1, 2016. All requests have been processed and were shipped during the first week of March.

It is possible that another round of commemorative diplomas will be printed at a future time. If you are interested in learning more, please update your contact information here.

What institution name will appear on my transcripts when they are requested?

All transcripts requested after July 24, 2015 will indicate that you are a graduate of Castleton University.

How should I reference the institution on my resume?

On all resume references we suggest stating you attended, graduated from, or were employed with Castleton University (formerly Castleton State College).