Information for Student Supervisors

Please find the student employment information and forms on this page.

Please note that the summer employment ends August 29, 2016. If students work the first weekend of the fall semester and have not been approved for summer employment, they will have to be paid out Institutional Work Study (IWS) funding. However, no one should be working unless they have prior approval.

Both the Payroll Office and the Financial Aid Office have found that guidelines for student hires and process of time entry are not always adhered to. We provide these guidelines and procedures to help all of us in following regulations set forth from the government and our external audit firm.

As a reminder, when the university is audited and it is found that we are not in compliance, there may be penalties assessed to the university. Therefore, you can see that it is imperative that everyone follow the guidelines in regards to required forms, the date a student starts working and submission of hours within the correct payroll period:

  • If you wish to hire a student under the Federal Work Study (FWS) program, they must be FWS eligible, have finalized all their financial aid paperwork, in good academic standing and be enrolled for at least 6 credits. It is preferred of students hired under FWS to complete the direct deposit form.
  • Those hired and paid by institutional funds, (those not eligible for Federal Work Study or did not apply for financial aid), must be in good academic standing and enrolled for at least 6 credits. It is mandatory of students hired under IWS to complete the direct deposit form.
  • Any student, who worked last academic year, does not need to fill out a new I-9 or W4 unless they want to change their deductions.
  • All completed employment packets need to be turned into the Financial Aid Office for initial review and will be forwarded on to the payroll department.

Please note that to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid possible government penalties, students are not allowed to begin working until all of the following is complete and approvals emailed to student and supervisor from the Financial Aid Office:

  • W4 and I-9 forms are completed and/or checked to see if previously on file


  • Completed Student Employment Form, with correct classification, pay rate and number of years in that position filled in 

After review and approval, both student and supervisor will receive an email noting approval to begin work.