Fleet Vehicle Policy


As a member of Vermont State Colleges, Castleton University maintains a variety of vehicles in order for members of the Castleton University community to conduct daily business. Operation of fleet and/or rental vehicles is subject to this policy, as well as the Vermont State Colleges’ Driver Safety Program. 


Fleet Drivers

Except under certain strict guidelines where 19 and 20 year olds may become fleet drivers, fleet drivers must be 21 years of age or older. In order to obtain a fleet license, the applicant must complete a Defensive Driving application and Fleet License application, located at Public Safety. A current driver’s license is required at the time of application. A background check on the applicant’s driving record is required. Upon satisfactory completion of these applications and driving record check, Public Safety staff conducts a driving test. The process of obtaining a fleet license may take up to three weeks. Approval of any fleet license is at the sole discretion of the University. 

Vehicle Requests

A Fleet-Safe License is required for anyone wanting to drive one of the University’s fleet vehicles. Vehicle Requests must be made in writing to the Facilities office. Vehicles may be reserved for university-related travel by completing the Vehicle Request Form available from the Facilities office. Supervisory approval signatures are required prior to submitting the request.

If the vehicle use involves out-of-state travel, an Out-Of-State Travel Form must be submitted with the Vehicle Request. Out-Of-State Travel Forms are available from the Facilities office and also require supervisory approval signatures. 

The Vehicle Request Form and the Out-Of-State Travel Form (if necessary) are then submitted to the Facilities office. Facilities will assign a vehicle based on the number of people on the trip and the distance involved. Older vehicles with high mileage are reserved for local travel. Newer vehicles are reserved for longer distances. Facilities reserves the right to assign vehicles based on these requirements and not on personal preferences by the operator. The driver of the vehicle must be on the Fleet-Safe list that is maintained and updated regularly by the Business Office. An email confirmation to the requestor will be sent by Facilities once the vehicle has been assigned.

Picking Up The Vehicle

Reserved vehicles are located in the gated area behind the Facilities building. If personal vehicles are left at the Facilities building while driving a University fleet vehicle, they should be parked in the spot where the fleet vehicle is parked within the gated area. No vehicle should be left outside the gated area. The Vehicle Sign-Out Report should be filled out when checking out the vehicle and taking the key. The Vehicle Sign-Out Report stays at Facilities--if no one is available, it may be left on the counter in the lobby. The Vehicular Use Information sheet is taken with the key so the driver can record mileage information and any other pertinent information about the vehicle that the Facilities mechanical staff should know (i.e., squeaky brakes, soft tires). 

Normal Facilities operating hours are weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm. If the vehicle is to be picked up at other times, Public Safety will let the fleet-safe driver into the Facilities building for the paperwork and key.

Returning The Vehicle

If Facilities is closed, the key and the Vehicular Use Information sheet should be dropped off in the lock box, which is clearly located in one of the doors within the gated area. If the gate is closed when returning the university vehicle, Public Safety may be called for assistance.

All trash should be removed from the vehicle. There is a trash barrel outside of the Facilities building for this purpose. Vehicles should be locked and left in good condition.

During The Trip

The use of the Castleton University fleet vehicles is a privilege. If a vehicle is abused through such illegal activities as speeding or alcohol/drug use, the privilege will be revoked. Keys are not to be left in an unattended vehicle at any time. All authorized drivers must wear seat belts at all times and require passengers to do the same. No fleet driver shall allow any other driver to operate an assigned fleet vehicle. Each driver must report every accident and property damage incident involving the fleet vehicle to local law enforcement and to Public Safety within one day. A disposable camera is in the glove box of each fleet vehicle to use for this purpose. Immediate notice is required in all cases involving bodily injury regardless of severity. Any unsafe use could result in a revocation of your fleet license.

Duration of the Trip

Castleton University Fleet Vehicles may be requested and signed out for up to three days at a time. If a vehicle is needed for an extended period of time (in excess of three days), a vehicle should be rented or a personal vehicle should be used. In such cases, management approval is required.

Gas Cards

Facilities maintains a limited number of gas cards for trips in excess of 300 miles. If requested in advance, the gas card may be picked up with the key and paperwork and returned the same way.


Approved fleet-safe drivers who are members of university clubs may also request a vehicle for university-club use. All vehicle requests for club use must have the approval of the Club/Student Activities office.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather or school closing, the Fleet Managers (i.e., President, Dean of Administration, Director of Public Safety, Director of Facilities, Athletic Director) reserve the right to ground all vehicles and not allow travel.