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Study Tools 

Castleton TRIO Blog: We give you the tips you need to succeed and the inspiration to keep going.

How to Get the Most out of Studying: In this five-part series of videos, Dr. Stephen Chew, Professor of Psychology at Samford University, shares the most effective - and ineffective - study habits.

Don't Like Your Class or Your Teacher?: Here's how to succeed anyway.

Group Work: The Agonies - and the Possibilities: Learn to collaborate without grinding your teeth!

You Bought It, Now Make the Most of It: Get the most out of your textbooks - and your classes! 

Do's and Don'ts of Notetaking: Take "note" of these tips during your lectures.

The Calvin Coolidge Library also offers an array of study resources.  

Assistive Technology: Sometimes, the right software or device makes reading, writing, and learning easier. Visit our Disability Services page to learn more about how technology can help you succeed in college.

Time Management

Dealing with Distractions: To be successful, turn off your phone and browser. But first read this blog entry.

Procrastination: Don't put off reading this!

Future Selves: A New Approach to Time Management. To manage your time now, think about who you want to be in the future.

Weekly Schedule: Managing your time becomes much easier when you can "see" how you use it.

Academic Year Calendar


Testing: One, Two, Three, Breathe: Hate standardized tests? You need to read this.

Your Best College Life

No Time for Worries: Why You Shouldn't Waste Time Building Confidence.

The Post-Transfer Blues: Just transferred to Castleton? You need to read this.

Majors and Minds: Thinking of changing your major? Check this out first.

Writing Resources

Purdue OWL: Produced by graduate students at Purdue University, Purdue OWL is a reliable source for all your writing questions. Learn how to cite sources, brush up on grammar and punctuation, and read about writing for different disciplines. If you use a computer on campus, you can access OWL for free.

The Pearson Writer: The Pearson Writer is a searchable, user-friendly database of writing-related resources compiled by editors at Pearson Education. In addition to content about grammar, punctuation, citation format, and research, The Pearson Writer even allows writers to access databases of sources. You’ll need a login and password to access this resource; contact the Writing Specialist for details. Not all plagiarism is intentional, but every kind of plagiarism can get you in trouble. Learn the ins and outs of academic honesty. 

Graduation Standards

Information Literacy Standard 

University Writing Standards: Read a A Guide to Castleton's Writing Standards for more information. 

Graduate School and Career Readiness

Should You Go to Grad School?: Read this before you start the application process - even if you're a brilliant student.

You in 750 Words: Learn how to turn your experiences and goals into a compelling personal statement.

GRE Test Preparation: Free practice tests and sample questions - everything you need to prepare for the GRE!

Visit Career Services' page to learn about resources that can help you prepare for your life after Castleton.

More resources are forthcoming; watch this space!