Castleton Support Team

The Castleton Support Team is comprised of eight administrators and counselors who are committed to proactively supporting students whose academic and/or personal challenges may hinder them from succeeding at Castleton.

We rely on referrals from faculty and staff who observe that a student exhibits one or more of these characteristics that put them in jeopardy

  • struggling academically,
  • suffering from depression, substance abuse, or other social or emotional problems,
  • experiencing financial troubles,
  • having difficulty adjusting to college.

We work with students to explore possible solutions to their difficulties, often by connecting them to campus resources such as tutoring, personal counseling, financial aid, etc.

Our goal is long-term retention via early intervention. Our remedies are supportive not punitive.

Lori Arner - Registrar
Kelley Beckwith - Academic Support Center
Martha Coulter - Wellness Center
Kelly Giancola, Wellness Outreach
Maurice Ouimet - Dean of Enrollment
Dennis Proulx, Dean of Students
Michael Robilotto - Residence Life