Speech Language Pathology Certificate Program Requirements

The program in Speech Language Pathology Essentials is designed to provide students with the necessary prerequisite coursework to pursue graduate education in Speech-Language Pathology or Communication Sciences & Disorders.

This program can be completed as a certificate by individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree, or as a minor by currently enrolled students. Coursework is focused on the biological, physical, and psychological underpinnings of human communication and communication disorders.

All courses are offered online.

This program is designed to be completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree or as a stand-alone program for personal and/or professional enrichment only. Students pursuing this as a stand-alone certificate will not qualify for Title IV federal financial aid.

Complete the following courses (18 cr):

Code Course Credits

SLP 2010

Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders

This course introduces the processes involved in human communication and provides a survey of communication disorders across the lifespan. Students will learn about the role of speech-language pathologists and audiologists in diagnosing and treating communication disorders.



SLP 2020


This course introduces the acoustic and articulatory properties of all American English phonemes. Students will also learn practical skills in transcribing American English phonemes using the International Phonetic Alphabet. Distinctive feature analysis, phonological rules, prosodic features, dynamics of articulation, American dialectical variants, and developmental phonology will be introduced.



SLP 3010

Speech and Hearing Science

This course explores the physical properties of speech sounds and the processes involved in hearing and speech perception. Emphasis is on normal speech perception and production. Students will learn to read spectrograms and will be introduced to topics related to measurement and instrumentation including sound waves, resonance, and decibels.

Prerequisite: Previous or concurrent enrollment in SLP 2020 is strongly recommended.



SLP 3020

Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of the anatomical structures and neural control underlying speech production, swallowing and hearing. Structures and mechanics of hearing, respiration, phonation, resonation, articulation, and swallowing are studied. Both normal and disordered processes are emphasized.

Prerequisite: Previous coursework in human biology is strongly recommended.



SLP 4010

Speech & Language Development

This course explores the nature and sequence of language development from birth through adolescence. Both typical and atypical language development will be discussed. Conditions that place infants and children at risk for speech and language disorders are explored. Students are strongly advised to take SLP 2XXX (Phonetics) or its equivalent prior to enrolling.

Prerequisite: Students are strongly advised to take SLP 2020 or its equivalent prior to enrolling.



SLP 4020

Introduction to Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation

This course is a survey of the field of audiology, including the measurement of hearing using pure tones and speech audiometry and the nature and causes of hearing impairment across the lifespan. Students are trained in interpreting audiograms and introduced to strategies for management of hearing impairments.



(Total credits required for the certificate: 18)