Faculty Achievement Submission Form

Please enter one to three sentences about your recent scholarly achievement (within the last 12 months). You may also upload a picture to accompany the announcement (if no picture is provided, we will use your picture featured in your bio). You may also provide a link to a relevant publication, website, image, etc. or upload a relevant file.

What counts as scholarship?

We think of it as the types of things you would put into your scholarly and professional development or  your service to university and community sections of the RPT file. Some things are obvious: Publication in an academic journal or volume, presentations of scholarly work at conferences, winning grants to support your work, publication of an academic book. It could also be a performance, exhibition, or completion of a creative work. Or it may be being elected to serve as delegate to a national organization, holding a community training for professionals in your field, being elected to serve on a board, being invited to speak at an event related to your field etc. It could also be a culmination of a civic engagement project you have been working on with students. Basically, we are asking you to inform us about the work you do outside of the classroom that demonstrates that you actively contribute to your field and/or bring your expertise to the wider communities that we are all a part of. Its important to recognize these important contributions!