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Scott Roper, History, Geography, Economics, and Politics

Castleton Geography Professor Scott Roper and his wife, historian Stephanie Abbot Roper of Nashua Community College, published "When Baseball Met Big Bill Haywood". The book details attempts by the world's largest cotton textile company, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company of Manchester, NH, to maintain control over its community and its workforce in the face of progressive reforms between 1912 and 1916. As part of its efforts, the company looked to baseball--and the construction of a "modern" baseball stadium--to help Americanize its primarily immigrant workforce, hoping to keep them from unionizing and overthrowing the social order.

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Scott Roper, History, Geography, Economics, and Politics, received $27,500 grant

Dr. Scott Roper was awarded a $27,500 grant from the National Geographic Society Education Foundation to promote and support preK-12 geographic education in Vermont, 2017-2018.

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Andrew Vermilyea, Natural Sciences, co-authored a research article concerning nutrient runoff from Vermont landscapes into Lake Champlain.

Dr. Vermilyea recently co-authored a research article concerning nutrient runoff from Vermont landscapes into Lake Champlain.

Dr. Vermilyea's BioCitation: Vaughan, M. C. H., Bowden, W. B., Shanley, J. B., Vermilyea, A., Sleeper, R., Gold, A. J., Pradhanang, S., Inamdar, S.P., Levia, D.F., Andres, A.S. & Birgand, F. (2017). High‐frequency dissolved organic carbon and nitrate measurements reveal differences in storm hysteresis and loading in relation to land cover and seasonality. Water Resources Research.

Greg Engel, Psychological Science: Awarded grant

Dr. Engel received a Small Award from the Vermont Genetics Network to gather preliminary data on the role of the gene Neuropeptide-like precursor 3 on alcohol tolerance.

Marybeth Lennox-Levins, Physical Education, presented in Denver, Colorado.

Professor Lennox presented "Project Management and Simulated Job Roles Applied to Event Management" at the 2017 North American Society for Sport Management Conference's Teaching & Learning Fair in Denver, Colorado. This opportunity allowed her to share her tools, challenges, and rewards in teaching event management through the experience of planning and executing a 5K trail run and walk from scratch. She outlined a semester-long experiential learning assignment. This assignment asked the students to develop a charitable 5K trail run/walk from beginning to end using simulated job roles, realistic titles, and a committee structure, as well as selected project management theories.

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Andrew Vermilyea, Natural Sciences, Chemistry & Environmental Science: Manuscript published in Science of the Total Environment

Dr. Vermilyea recently authored a manuscript on mercury export from the watersheds entering into the Gulf of Alaska near Juneau, Alaska. The full citation is below: Vermilyea, A. W., Nagorski, S. A., Lamborg, C. H., Hood, E. W., Scott, D., & Swarr, G. J. (2017). Continuous proxy measurements reveal large mercury fluxes from glacial and forested watersheds in Alaska. Science of The Total Environment, 599, 145-155.

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Jennifer Turchi, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice, has co-authored paper accepted to Sociological Focus.

Dr. Turchi and her co-author, Mary Noonan, had their paper accepted to Sociological Focus. The paper is titled "Childhood Obesity Differences in Single-Father and Single-Mother Families", and is forthcoming for early next year. It is research that is based on Dr. Turchi's dissertation work at The University of Iowa.

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Harry Chaucer, Education, examines teacher education and K-12 educational practices in Finland, Estonia, Massachusetts, and Quebec Province.

Dr. Chaucer had the opportunity to examine teacher education and K-12 educational practices in Finland, Estonia, Massachusetts, and Quebec Province; four world-class educational systems. The big take-home lesson: you get exactly what you ask for. In other words, curriculum matters. He also took two courses to better prepare himself to teach a sophomore honors course titled "Creation and Creativity". The course examines the history of empirical (scientific) and creative (artistic) thought. Additionally, he enjoyed a studio art class at CCV and a history of Western art at Middlebury College.

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Joyce Thomas, English/Literature: Book of Poems published

Dr. Joyce Thomas recently had her third book, and second collection of poetry published: Washing Birds (Main Street Rag Press NC). This book was a finalist in the Main Street Rag poetry contest. Dr. Thomas has been giving readings and talks at various locations throughout the region.

Dr. Ghosh Selected as Fellow of the Television Academy

Dr. Ghosh was selected as Fellow of the Television Academy (TVA), the organization that awards the Emmys. As part of the Fellowship, she attended a nine-day seminar in Hollywood. It was funded by the TVA. In all, 20 recipients were selected from the entire country.

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