Master of Arts in Education + Teacher Licensure

The Castleton Master of Arts in Education plus Teacher Licensure allows students to take their existing bachelor’s degree and turn it into a career as a licensed educator with a master’s degree in just 18 months. In less than one calendar year you will be in the classroom gaining meaningful exposure and the opportunity to not only hone your skills as a teacher but also immerse yourself in the field. The program is designed to be completed in four phases, with teacher licensure granted after the successful completion of phase three.

Phase 1: Three courses during the summer (10 Credits).
Phase 2: Three courses during the fall (11 Credits).
Phase 3: Student Teaching during the spring (15 Credits).
Phase 4: Graduate coursework at your own pace (12 Credits).

There may be prerequisite professional education courses, as well as possible content courses, that would need to be completed prior to beginning the summer-fall-spring sequence if the program committee feels that additional content knowledge must be gained. A transcript evaluation completed by the Education Department’s program committee will determine how much, if any, pre-coursework would be required.

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