Program Requirements

The following sequence of courses makes up the Castleton Master of Arts in Education + Teacher Licensure Program:

Course # Course Title Credits Semester
EDU 6550 Foundations and Current Issues in Education 3 credits Summer
EDU 5080 Child, Adolescent Development; Exceptionality 4 credits Summer
EDU 5090 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 3 credits Summer
EDU 5050 Developmental Literacy (elementary) OR 3 credits Fall
EDU 5370 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (secondary) 3 credits Fall
EDU 6420 Models - Classroom and School Practices, Elementary OR 4 credits Fall
EDU 5270 Models - Classroom and School Practices, Secondary 4 credits Fall
EDU 6090 Pedagogical Content Knowledge 4 credits Fall
EDU 6851 Student Teaching I 6 credits Spring
EDU 6852 Student Teaching II 6 credits Spring
EDU 5740 Student Teaching Seminar 3 credits Spring
         Total Core Credits                     36 credits  

For more information, see the Castleton Academic Catalog.