Healthcare Administration

The world of healthcare is changing every day. Gain an advantage in the growing healthcare administration job market with our unique program. You will be prepared to take on a leadership role in hospitals, medical centers, home healthcare services, clinics, and other areas of this expanding field.

Healthcare Administration Courses

Students may pursue a graduate certificate, advanced graduate certificate, or MBA concentration in this area.

Healthcare and Social Policy

Analysis of key contemporary issues in health and social policy will provide students with a deeper understanding of the design and structure of the U.S. government, the U.S. health care system, the policy initiatives that have shaped it, and the roles of the government, the private sector, and consumer and advocacy groups in setting the policy agenda. Seminars will examine the origins of each issue, the policies enacted and their effects, both intended and unintended, and will propose and debate the merits of alternative policy solutions. The role of health services and policy research in informing the policy debate and directions will be highlighted.

3 cr

Healthcare Informatics: Clinical Data Management and Analysis

Integrating knowledge of healthcare, health care systems, information literacy, and computer and information science, students are introduced to the essential role of information technologies, tools, and reliable information and data in improving healthcare outcomes, practices, and systems of care. Students will organize, evaluate and use health information and data to complete projects. Prerequisite: Business Analytics: Data, Models and Deci, ions

3 cr

Systems Thinking: Healthcare Quality Improvement and Safety

Integrating principles of systems thinking, inter-professional competencies, and evidence-based practice with the science of safety and quality improvement, students will examine and address issues in quality improvement and patient safety. Using various theories and models, students assess healthcare practices and identify human and systems factors that contribute to quality and safety issues. Lessons learned from the science of safety and quality improvement will be used to develop strategies to enhance patient safety and systems of care.

3 cr