Media and Communication

The evolving world of media and communication has created new and innovative areas in the business world. Technology plays an ever-growing role in communication and society's interaction with new media changes almost daily. Learn how to harness the power of media and communication to impact your business.

Media and Communication Courses

Students may pursue a graduate certificate, advanced graduate certificate, or MBA concentration in this area.

Media Technology Workshop

This course is designed to give students the fundamental technical skills necessary for media industry careers. Students will be introduced to industry-standard multimedia applications and software and will learn to produce engaging and aesthetically competitive audiovisual content. Lessons will cover the fundamentals of graphic design, digital photography and image manipulation, shooting and editing video, recording professional audio, and basic web design.

3 cr

Media, Society, and Communication

This is a theory and research-based course that explores the past, present, and future roles of media in society. In looking at the interaction between media and society, lessons will examine how media creates an imagined community, how audiences use media, and what impact media messages have on audiences. Students will learn fundamental research methods in the field of media and communication, as well as the professional presentation of findings.

3 cr

The Business of Media        

This course offers a detailed examination of business models and economic traits across a variety of contemporary media industries, emphasizing historical trends and emerging strategies. Students will learn about the structure of media industries, managerial roles and responsibilities, the process of content development, ancillary markets and media profitability, the role of government, and the impact of technology on the future of media. The course will culminate with public pitch presentations.

3 cr