Graduate Degree (Full MBA)

Castleton's Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to promote professional competence, leadership ability, analytical skills, an understanding of social, political and economic forces, and a strong sense of ethics and public purpose. Students may complete the full MBA coursework below or pursue a Graduate or Advanced Graduate Certificate by following the appropriate program of study.

MBA Candidates Must Complete: 

The MBA Core Curriculum (27 credits)

  • Leadership Theory
  • Foundations of International Business
  • Managerial Accounting and Control Concepts
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Risk and Financial Management
  • Legal Studies and Ethics
  • Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Business Analytics: Data, Models, and Decisions

Plus one of the following concentrations (9 credits)

Leading Organizational Change

  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior                                         
  • Operations Management for Leaders                                                         
  • Leading Organizational Change

Healthcare Administration

  • Healthcare and Social Policy                                                                       
  • Healthcare Informatics: Clinical Data Management and Analysis      
  • Systems Thinking: Healthcare Quality Improvement and Safety  


  • Business Data Analytics                                                                              
  • Business Experimental Design                                                        
  • Data and Business Analytics with R       

Media and Communication

  • Media Technology Workshop                                                         
  • Media, Society, and Communication                                               
  • The Business of Media