3D Sculpting & Painting in Virtual Reality, Fall 2018

Course Number: EDU 5515 C03
Instructor: Clarena Renfrow & Rodney Batchelet
Location: Castleton University, Stafford Academic Center, Room 156
Dates and Times: January 19 - May 31, 2019. Two in-person dates: January 19 & February 2, 2019, from 9 am - 4 pm. The remainder of the course takes place in an online format.
Credits: 2 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $875

Note: Course payment or purchase order of $875, payable to Castleton University, is due at the time of registration. A purchase order number can be entered into the online registration form and the purchase order can be uploaded to the registration form. Please mail check to the Castleton Center for Schools, Stafford Academic Center, Castleton University, 251 South Street, Castleton, VT 05753. Thank you.

Course Description

Oculus Go Standalone VR included in the tuition. Students will need access to a 3D Printer.

Virtual Reality is the next big step in 3D Creation. Students can now enter virtual reality and create 3D objects and paintings that can be exported and printed! This course will teach students how to use the Oculus Go to sculpt objects and paint in an immersive VR environment, export the files and then make the files emerge into the real world by printing them. When creating in VR, the experience is so fluid and seemingly more organic in the way objects are created. Bringing this to the classroom will really engage your students as they learn the next revolution in art, object making, and 3D printing to prepare them for careers that may not exist yet! This course is for any educator as the skills learned can be used for any content area.

Course Goals & Objectives

Join the Maker Movement Meets Virtual Reality with the Oculus Go is designed to meet the following goals:
  1. To learn to use the Oculus Go and find 3D printing and painting apps
  2. To understand how to integrate VR and 3D printing/painting into lessons
  3. To understand how VR fits into the Universal Design for Learning
  4. Students will make objects/paintings and print them

Required Texts

Readings/Videos, Assignments - Online

  1. Resources, Readings, assignments, and videos will be from online sources.
  2. Students will be expected to do a lesson plan involving VR as well as read and respond to articles regarding VR use in the classroom.
  3. Students will research virtual reality, 3D printing/painting and how this is being introduced into classrooms around the country and present that information to the class.

For additional course information

Clarena M. Renfrow
(802) 770-8478

Rodney Batchelet

For additional registration information

Bethany Sprague
(802) 468-1325

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