ADHD/Executive Function and Literacy: Strategies to Support All Students, Tracht, Fall 2019

Course Number: EDU 6710 CFS1 (graduate), EDU 4710 CFS3 (undergraduate)
Instructor: Debbie Tracht, MA, Literacy; CAGS, Mind, Brain & Teaching
Location: Synchronous online meeting through Zoom Mondays 6pm – 8pm, balance online through Canvas.
Dates and Times: October 7-December 9, 2019
Credits: 3 graduate or undergraduate credits
Tuition: $975

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Course Description

The term “Executive Function” has become widely used in the field of education, yet is poorly understood. This course will provide an understanding of this complex term and how it impacts learning, with a particular focus on literacy. Participants will learn about the conditions that can interfere with Executive Functioning, including ADHD and trauma, as well as the variability in how problems with Executive Functions can appear in students.

Through readings, videos, and discussions in weekly face-to-face online classrooms as well as online discussions, participants share experiences, challenges, strategies and insights. Educators leave the course with a new lens through which to view students and strategies to enhance success for the students in their classrooms.

Course Goals & Objectives

  1. To identify and describe core characteristics of ADHD and Executive Functions
  2. To demonstrate understanding of the impact of gender, stress, trauma and poverty on Executive Functions
  3. To demonstrate understanding of the impact of Executive Functioning on reading, including decoding and comprehension
  4. To demonstrate understanding of the complexity of Executive Function skills required for the task of writing
  5. To learn and apply strategies to increase reading and writing success for students with weakness in executive functioning
  6. To demonstrate understanding of the impact of processing speed and working memory on reading and writing


Required Texts

Executive Function in the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Improving Performance and Enhancing Skills for All Students, 1st 

    Edition by Christopher Kaufman Ph.D.


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