2018 Admire, Advocate, Acknowledge, and Accept - The Values of Individual Diversity and Inclusion Within The Elementary School Classroom

Course Number: EDU 5625 C05
Instructor: Laura Terry, B.Ed., BA.P., and P.G.C.SE.
Location: Online via Canvas
Dates and Times: Monday, November 5, 2018, through Monday, January 28, 2019
Credits: 3 graduate credits
Tuition: $925

Note: Course payment or purchase order of $925, payable to RRWIB, is due at the time of registration. A purchase order number can be entered into the online registration form. Credit card payments can also be made online. Please mail check to the Castleton Center for Schools, Stafford Academic Center, Castleton University, 251 South Street, Castleton, VT 05735.

Course Description

This course focuses on the need for responsive teaching in our classrooms. By incorporating healthy and effective responsive teaching, all students with diverse needs and abilities will be successful. By learning how to implement curriculum and instruction thoughtfully and how to communicate what we teach, we as teachers build trusting and healthy connections and relationships with all our students. Students in our classrooms will then be empowered to be all they can be!

“Teachers need to communicate...I respect who you are as well as who you can become; I want to know you; You are unique and valuable; I believe in you; I have time for you; I learn when I listen to you; This place is yours too; and We need you here." (Tomlinson, 2003)

“I have the opportunity each and every day to help kids feel like competent, important people.” (Nieto, 2005)

“Teaching is based on trust, and when students see me as a real person who genuinely wants them to succeed, strong bonds are formed.” (Nieto, 2005)

“I teach because it requires that I become my most courageous self, and I am constantly inspired by students who learn the power of being whole people along with me.” (Nieto, 2005)

Student Comments:
"...such a vehicle for reflecting on what matters to me the most about teaching-the connections with children... So making intentional connections is my way of honoring and respecting this great gift and responsibility I have been given."
- 4th Grade Teacher

"I feel this has been a really great book and the pace it was presented allowed for more time to think and practice what skills were being focused on that week. I want to say thank you because as a whole, I am at a better mindset for both making connections with my learners as well as the way I want to present curriculum. I am leaving this class motivated and rejuvenated in the way I want to connect with my learners and the way I want to incorporate strategies with my curriculum."
- 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Teacher

Course Goals & Objectives

  • Meet the diverse needs of all learners in your classroom through responsive teaching 
  • Effectively, thoughtfully, and successfully implement curriculum and instruction to all your learners
  • Develop strategies needed to build strong, trusting, and healthy connections and relationships with every learner
  • Engage in daily opportunities to implement these strategies with all learners 
  • Reflect and respond to weekly readings that will enrich teachers' knowledge of responsive teaching, and promote healthy and effective responsive teaching opportunities 
  • Encounter how individual diversity and inclusion is so empowering for all...teacher and learners!

Required Texts

The text, “Fulfilling The Promise Of The Differentiated Classroom" by Carol Ann Tomlinson will need to be purchased as part of the course. In addition, there will also be articles provided by the instructor.

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