Adolescent Growth and Development, McEnerny, Spring 2020

Course Number: EDU 5515 C37
Instructor: Monica McEnerny
Location: Addison Central School District- Middlebury Middle School, Room 218
Dates and Times: February 1 – March 13, 2020. In-person sessions on February 1 and 29 with the remainder of the course in an online environment.
Credits: 3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $975

Course Description

The middle school concept is based on the developmental traits of young adolescents. Participants will explore the social, emotional, physical, moral, and intellectual traits of the 10-15 year-old and understand school structures and teaching strategies that support such needs.

Course Goals & Objectives

Course Objectives:

The course is based on the following Vermont Middle Grades Endorsement Competencies: 1.1, 1.2, and 5.1. When participants have successfully completed this strand, they will have demonstrated mastery of the following standards, which are based on the above Vermont Middle Grades Endorsement Competencies:

1.1. Growth and Development

Create learning opportunities that demonstrate understanding of the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and moral characteristics of young adolescents.

1.2. Cultural Diversity

Employ middle grades practices that are culturally responsive to young adolescents’ individual identities.

5.1. Advocacy

Advocate for developmentally responsive schooling practices and policies for every student.

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