Designing Proficiency-Based Assessments, Lumbra, Spring 2020

Course Number: EDU 5515 C17
Instructor: Gabrielle Lumbra
Location: Online
Dates and Times: April 2-May 28, 2020. Online using Canvas.
Credits: 3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $975

Course Description

Shifting to a proficiency-based education model requires a transformation in teacher assessment practices and beliefs. It is a shift from the teacher evaluating student learning to learners creating evidence of proficiency. In this course, participants will explore the various aspects of this shift in order to design proficiency-based assessments and transform assessment practices so that learners can become active participants in their own academic growth.

Course Goals & Objectives

Course Goals:

  • Reflect on current assessment practices
  • Identify systemic shifts in current assessment practices
  • Increase student involvement in assessment

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify the role of assessment in a proficiency-based system.
  2. Distinguish between evidence and assessment.
  3. Define “proficient”.
  4. Design a system for tracking progress in a proficiency-based system.
  5. Identify the role of learning targets in assessment cycles in a proficiency-based system.
  6. Design assessments that can be used as evidence of learning.
  7. Describe the role of reflection in a proficiency-based system

Course Expectations


Responses to reading
Learning Scale design


Design assessments that support proficiency-based learning

Required Texts

Costs, if any, for the required readings are not included in the course cost.
Required Readings:
Gobble, T. (2016). Proficiency-based assessment: Process, not product. Bloomington, IN Solution Tree Press.

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