Experiencing Learning Through Creating and Making, deLaBruere, Summer 2019

Course Number: EDU 5515 C98
Instructor: Lucie deLaBruere
Location: Generator Makerspace - Burlington, VT and online.This course is aligned with the Create Make Learn Summer Institute, July 22-26, 2019 in Burlington, VT. 
Dates and Times:  July 22 - August 22, 2019. July 22-26 at the Institute with the remainder of the course in an online environment.
Credits: 3 graduate credits
Tuition: $2,000 with Classroom Maker Tools, $1,600 without

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Course Description

This course is aligned with the Create Make Learn Summer Institute, July 22-26, 2019 in Burlington, VT. The institute will take place at the Generator Makerspace.

Create Make Learn Summer Institute

Spend a week with colleagues of all levels from newbies to advanced makers to create, connect, learn new skills.  Join the Create Make Learn community who return each year and leave feeling inspired and filled with new skills, new lesson ideas, and new friends.  See website for description of 4 strands available. www.createmakelearn.org

 In this course participants create and make using new tools and explore how creating and making can support several pedagogical practices, including experiential learning and personalized learning.  The course will include daily reading and discussion of literature related to innovative pedagogy and transformative practices made possible with new tools for creating and making.

Participants will complete hands-on workshops with community makers and educational experts to build skills in using new tools for creating and making.   The skill building sessions will be followed by a creation lab, where participants will apply their new skill with new tools to produce a prototype.  Each day will end with an opportunity to reflect and set new goals based on that reflection of growth.  In our online community we will discuss the application of new media, new tools, and new skills to the challenge of meeting district, state, and national standards with students in today’s learning environments.  All participants will complete and contribute a culminating project that applies readings, practice, and products to the essential question “What role does creating and making play in designing innovative approaches to teaching and learning? ” to a forum that informs a global community of educators.

 Audience: ALL Educators

Course Goals

Participants will

  • Participate in a design thinking workshop and explore the design thinking as a framework for problem solving.
  • Participate in a variety of hands on sessions exploring a variety of new tools for creating and making.
  • Complete a Deep Dive with Design Thinking in schools
  • Complete and Share a Final Project applying their learning about design, creating, and making

Course Objectives:

  • Build skills for using tools for creating and making to move from a beginning maker to emerging maker.
  • Practice design thinking process and apply the process to creating, making several mini projects
  • Review and Reflect on Frameworks for  Meaningful Making
  • Apply research, skills, design thinking process and tools in the creation of a final project that uses new technologies for creating and making

Essential Question:

What role does creating and making play in designing innovative approaches to teaching and learning?

Knowledge and Skill Questions:

  • What skills do educators need to apply innovative pedagogy where students create and make to learn?
  • How can design thinking be used to as a problem solving strategy

How can we as educators provide our students with learning opportunities through creating and making and successfully document inquiry and practice.

Required Texts

Required texts are not included in the course tuition.

Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom 2nd Edition

by Sylvia Libow Martinez  (Author), Gary S. Stager Ph.D. (Author)

Available online:

Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development (2nd Edition), David A. Kolb

The Promises, Practices, and Pedagogies of Maker-Centered Learning: An Updated Preview of the Findings from the Agency by Design Project

Study Guide

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