Extend the Learning 2019: Professional Development Conference to Implementation, LaRocca, Summer 2019

Course Number: EDU 5515 C64/ MUS 5710 CFS2
Instructor: Matt LaRocca
Location: Harwood Union High School
Dates and Times:

June 28 and 29 2019 Gather At The River Conference. Online Follow-Up Period June 30-July 8, 2019.

Credits: 1 Graduate Credit
Tuition: Set by and payable to Vermont ACDA

Note: Please register directly with Vermont ACDA using the link provided below.

Course Description

Participants will attend the Gather At The River Conference sponsored by the Vermont Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association on June 28-29 at Harwood Union High School in Duxbury, VT.  Course participants who sign up for one graduate credit must attend the two full days of events and complete an online follow-up reflection about the conference. Participation at the conference requires that course enrollees attend one workshop in each session slot, the keynote address, and a 15-minute informational meeting about our course. The online coursework must be completed by Monday, July 8th. This course is sponsored by Vermont Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) in collaboration with Music-COMP as part of its professional development offerings. Matt LaRocca, DMA (matt@musiccomp.org) is the instructor/facilitator of this graduate level course.

Course Objectives/Goals

  • Discuss personal reflections about music education inspired by the conference.
  • Dialogue with other music educators on the topics and reflections generated by the conference sessions.
  • Plan for implementation of one idea – theme, process, technique or tool – from sessions at the conference for use in his or her own music education classes or ensembles.

Course Expectations

Course Schedule

June 28, 29 VT ACDA Gather At The River Conference at Harwood Union High School. Full two-day attendance is required.

Online follow-up work will be completed through PBworks, an online classroom.

Details are available at www.vtacda.org along with registration for this conference. Registration for college credit will be handled on site at the graduate credit meeting during the required June 28th meeting. However, payment must be arranged with VT ACDA at the time you register for the conference.

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