Great Expectations: Improving Classroom Management

Course Number: EDU 5515 C23
Instructor: David Wells

Workshop Session from 8:30 - 12:00 on February 2, 2019 at the Central Vermont Medical Center Board Room in Berlin, Vermont

Dates and Times:

February 2, 2019 through March 17, 2019. Workshop Session from 8:30 - 12:00 on February 2, 2019 in Berlin. The remainder of the course will be held in an online environment. 

Credits: 3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $925

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Course Description

We all want a classroom where students learn while treating each other with respect. Even experienced teachers can find this challenging at times. Participants in this course will learn practical strategies that they can use today which will lead to a respectful classroom where students embrace learning. “Sharpen your saw” and work with fellow teachers as you bring renewed purpose to your classroom.

Audience: K-12 Classroom Teachers

Course Goals & Objectives

Course Goals: 
Participants in this course will increase their effectiveness in the classroom and will increase their understanding of the following key principles:

  • Developing an environment of trust and respect in the classroom
  • Establishing behavioral expectations and responding to student misbehavior
  • Teaching for mastery
  • Developing lessons with clear outcomes
  • Engaging students in engaging discussions

Course Objectives:
Participants in this course will demonstrate their ability to do the following:

  • Identify key practices which develop a trusting and respectful classroom.
  • Identify key teacher behaviors which establish and reinforce positive student behavior.
  • Use instructional practices which engage students and lead to mastery of key instructional objectives.

Course Expectations


Week One: Trust & Respect in the Classroom
Readings: Lemov, chapter 12, Curwin & Mendler, chapter 1
Written Reflection: How have you built an environment of trust in your classroom?
Forum Response: What are the essentials of a trusting and respectful classroom?

Week Two: Establishing Behavioral Expectations and Responding to Misbehavior
Readings: Lemov 11, Curwin & Mendler chapters 2 &3
Forum Discussion: How teacher actions and language shape behavioral expectations

Week Three: Responding to Misbehavior
Readings: Lemov, chapter 2, Curwin & Mendler chapters 4 & 5
Written Reflection: Preventing Misbehavior
Forum Discussion: How can we respectfully turn a mistake into a learning opportunity for all?

Week Four: Teaching to Mastery
Readings: Lemov, chapter 1 
Forum Discussion: What does Mastery look like on Lemov’s examples

Week Five: The Tough Ones
Readings: Curwin & Mendler, chapters 10 & 11
Written Reflection: Thinking some more about your Action Plan
Forum Discussion: The Tough Ones

Week Six: Getting Feedback on your Action Plan
Forum Discussion: Provide feedback to your classmates on their action plans.

Final Project:
Classroom Action Plan: A detailed set of goals to improve the participant’s classroom instruction and student behavior

It is expected that participants will be highly engaged in each classroom forum discussion. Forum discussions will demonstrate the participant's understanding of new information learned in each week. Weekly Written Reflections will demonstrate the participant’s ability to apply course concepts to their own instruction. The completion of the final project will demonstrate the participant's ability to identify key areas of instructional improvement in the participant’s classroom and concrete steps that he or she will take to improve student learning outcomes and behavior.

Required Texts

Costs, if any, for required texts are not included in the course tuition.
Lemov, D. (2015) Teach Like a Champion 2.0
Curwin & Mendler. (2018) Discipline with Dignity: 4th Edition

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David Wells
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Bethany Sprague
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