Innovation Camp for Educators, Vanatta, Summer 2019

Course Number: EDU 5515 C10 (Graduate)
Instructor: Max Vanatta
Location: Innovation Studio at Woodstock Union High School, Woodstock
Dates and Times: August 12-16, 2019 from 9-3 daily, lunch break from 12-1 pm
Credits: 3 graduate credits
Tuition: $1,750 

Note: Course payment of $1,750 is due and payable to Windsor Central Supervisory Union.

Course Description

Innovation Camp for Educators engages participants in the innovation process. This 5-day camp will get your creative juices flowing as you gain first-hand experience working in a collaborative studio environment. You’ll learn how to use a framework of innovation and enabling technologies to develop your problem solving skills with the intent of integrating this creative mindset within your school or organization.

During the 5-day camp, participants will:

  • Experience hands-on creative problem solving using a framework of innovation
  • Gain insight into how NuVu's framework for innovation can be applied in your classroom, school, program, or collaborative environment
  • Collaborate with others to design projects while going through the design process with the support of our expert Coaches
  • Learn to use digital fabrication tools, digital software, and enabling technologies (Examples include 3D modeling, 3D printers, laser cutters, physical computing, programmable microcontrollers, wearable electronics)
  • Acquire fabrication and making skills
  • Connect with others interested in creative education, design, and innovation

Audience: All educators

Course Objectives

Course Goals:

  • Experience and comfort with the overall design process and how it can be applied to primary and secondary education practices as well as organizations outside of education
  • Proficiency in hands-on making techniques


Course Objectives:

  • How can the design process and the studio pedagogy be applied within various types of classes to increase student engagement and ownership of their individual learning?
  • How can hands-on learning be open-ended allowing for student choice and ownership, yet focused enough for a productive and cohesive class?
  • How do the different stages of the design process work and how do they build off of each other?

Course Expectations 

The educators will take part in a project spanning the entire length of the workshop which will take them through:

  • Early stage research
  • Brainstorming
  • Precedent research
  • Rapid ideation and prototyping
  • Critique and feedback sessions
  • Collaborative design
  • And more

With each of these stages, the educators will take part in the activities and be part of a larger discussion on the practices and techniques they can deploy in their own classes.  While the projects will be varied in specific content, the entire class will begin with a singular prompt.

Evaluation: Participants will be evaluated primarily on the process and their engagement with the skills rather than an output of the project.

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