iPads in the Classroom

Course Number: EDU 5515 C32 (graduate) EDU 4710 CFS7 (undergraduate)
Instructor: Clarena Renfrow
Location: Castleton University, Stafford Academic Center, Room 156
Dates and Times: Saturday, November 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in classroom, plus 9 hours online.
Credits: 1 Graduate or Undergraduate Credit
Tuition: $1,030-including a new 32 gigabyte iPad and an Apple pencil. NOTE: iPad and pencil delivery cannot be guaranteed by the first day of class for registrations received from this point forward. Registration closes on Friday, November 9, 2018.

Note: REGISTRATION IS OPEN THROUGH FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, BUT IPAD AND PENCIL DELIVERY CANNOT BE GUARANTEED ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS FOR ANY REGISTRATIONS RECEIVED FROM THIS POINT FORWARD. Course payment or purchase order of $1,030, payable to RRWIB, is due at the time of registration. A purchase order number can be entered into the online registration form. Credit card payments can also be made online. Please mail check to the Castleton Center for Schools, Stafford Academic Center, Castleton University, 251 South Street, Castleton, VT 05735. Technology delivery is not guaranteed by the first day of class for any registrations received after October 26, 2018.

Course Description

iPads for the Classroom is intended to provide educators with basic expertise in using the iPad to facilitate learning for students that will engage and inspire them. We will learn how to set them up, change settings to meet classroom/student needs, how to find resources and apps as well as pedagogy. iPads are powerful teaching and learning tools that naturally differentiate learning.

You will receive an iPad and an Apple pencil on the first day of class. The pencil will allow you to draw, write and be even more creative with your iPad.

Course Objectives/Goals

iPads in the Classroom is designed to meet the following goals:

1. To provide teachers with exposure and experience in using iPads for teaching and learning.

2. To assist teachers in creating an engaging lesson using the iPad as the tool for learning.

Course Projects/Objectives

This course is designed to help educators learn about iPads and create a lesson using the iPad that they can integrate into their classroom curriculum.

• Complete/watch all of the assigned readings/videos for the course.
• Develop a lesson plan that you will use in your classroom.
• Participation in on-line assignments (7 hours from March to May)
• There will be a hands-on portion of class as well as an on-line portion of the class.

Course Expectations

Course Schedule

Class 1 
Introduction to course, registering your iPad, getting an Apple ID, iPad set-up, basics of using the iPad, changing settings, assistive technology settings, purchasing apps, using the iPad in the classroom, educational app resources and Q and A time. We will also go over specific apps that have been identified as sound Educational tools, i.e. creating digital textbooks in real-time, apps for assistive technologies and others.

You will complete various readings, and watch videos regarding: pedagogy and 
the iPad, tutorials for the iPad, finding apps for your content area/grade level, differentiating with the iPad, and you will create a lesson that uses the iPad for use in your classroom. You will also take part in an on-going discussion forum regarding your assigned readings/videos as well as support your colleagues in their learning.

Required Texts

Resources, Readings and videos will be from on-line sources and will use learning management software for discussions.

The book, Mobile Learning for All, by Luis Perez will be required for this course and is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Clarena Renfrow
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Bethany Sprague
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