KoSA Internation Percussion Workshop, Mazza, Summer 2019

Course Number: MUS 5710 CFS3 (graduate) & MUS 4710 CFS1 (undergraduate)
Instructor: Aldo Mazza
Location: Montreal, Canada
Dates and Times: June 25-30, 10 am - 11 pm
Credits: 3 graduate or undergraduate credits
Tuition: None

Note: Please register directly with KoSA. If you wish to take the course for credit, please notify KoSA who will give you the Castleton registration link.

Course Description

The KoSA Percussion workshops bring to Montreal 14 of today’s most respected performers and educators in the percussion field. As part of the curriculum, participants explore all facets of percussion performance in Western European tradition as well as percussion in jazz, rock, funk and the various world cultures such as African, Indian, Cuban, and more. Performance practice techniques and new methods of musical training will be taught. Hands-on intensive learning will take place as well as attending concerts each evening performed by the faculty of international stars.


  • Introduction / Philosophy/ Correlation to National Standards
  • Music Aptitude and related research
  • 12 Step Method of teaching music literacy
  • Development of teaching techniques
  • Writing Lessons 
  • Creating Unit Plans
  • Assessment

Course Goals & Objectives

The student will be able to:

Understand the philosophy, history, and learning sequence presented in KoSA percussion workshops.
Develop teaching and performing skills necessary to be active in national school levels as well as professional performance understanding.

Course Expectations

  • Active participation in all activities and discussions
  • Participation in minimum 3 different ensembles
  • Daily classes in 5 different areas minimum
  • Final public performance attendance

For additional course and registration information

Aldo Mazza
(514) 482-5554

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