Learning Disabilities I- Literacy Focus, LaBomard & Drolet, Fall 2019

Course Number: EDU 5515 C17 (Graduate)
Instructor: Loralyn LaBombard & Andrea Drolet
Location: Blended Format with some in-person sessions in Montpelier. The first in-person session is September 21, 2019.
Dates and Times: September 9-December 14, 2019
Tuition: $1,590
3 Graduate Credits

Course Description

 This course is designed to help participants identify students who are experiencing a reading or
math disability and who have barriers to learning to read. Participants will gain critical
assessment skills necessary to evaluate students’ development and strengths and weaknesses
in literacy and use this information to design appropriate instruction and supports for these

Course Goals & Objectives

1. Identify the factors that influence academic ability and disabilities.
2. Identify the characteristics of strengths and weaknesses of students with learning
3. Practice various instructional strategies and weaknesses of students with learning
4. Compare and contrast instructional strategies appropriate for students with learning
5. Describe stages of academic development and the difficulties students may encounter
along the way.
6. Describe a student’s knowledge, skill, strategic development, and motivation with regard
to reading, writing and/or math.
7. Identify specific needs of delayed and or disabled students using multiple assessments.
8. Conduct a case study of a student with a learning disability.
9. Observe a special educator teaching a literacy class to students with learning disabilities.
13. How to collect and utilize instructional data to inform instructional programs.
14. Read a variety of material and respond deeply to the professional literature and reflect
your own professional practice.

Required Texts

Course Readings: (available at www.amazon.com)
● Honing, Diamond, Gutlohn (2013). Teaching Reading Sourcebook. Core Literacy Library.
● Supplemental readings provided at the discretion of the instructors
● Mercer, C., Mercer, A., Pullen, P. (2011) Teaching Students with Learning Problems . Pearson
Education Inc.
● Johnston, F.R, Invernizzi, M., et. al (2009). Book Buddies: A Tutoring Framework for Struggling
Readers Second Edition. Guilford Press.

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