Math Practices that Energize Your Classroom, Robinson, Fall 2019

Course Number: EDU 5626 C01
Instructor: Melinda Robinson
Location: Online
Dates and Times: October 14-December 30, 2019
Credits: 3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $975

Course Description

In this online course we will be exploring the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practices that will make all of our students better mathematicians and thinkers. We have all felt the frustration of teaching students the math that they are required to know and yet this doesn’t seem to translate into making them better math students. We will explore each of the math practices that are outlined in the Common Core and look at how each of the practices can change the students into becoming “math thinkers” and allow them to adapt their learning to any situation. Our focus will be on how to teach our students to think deeply and apply mathematics to any area of their life. 

Course Objectives/Goals

Essential Questions:

What are the 8 Common Core Mathematical Practices?                                                            

What can we do in our classroom to foster the use of these practices by our students?

What is my role as the facilitator of a math class that has the use of rich mathematical practices?                                                             

What is the difference between the way that my math class is currently functioning and the way that a highly effective math class functions?

Required Texts

Books, Articles and Websites that will be used in the course (all materials will be provided, there are no materials that will need to be purchased.) This is a small sample of the resources used.

“A Guide to the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards,” Scholastic, Top Teacher Blog Meghan Everrette, March 15, 2013. http:// practice-standards                                                                  

“How to Get Students Talking,” Math Solutions, deGarcia, Lisa Ann. http://                                                          

“Developing a Classroom Culture that Supports a Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics,” NRICH Enriching Mathematics, University of Cambridge, Sept. 2013.                                                       

“Common Core State Standards Initiative” Mathematics Standards. http://, Buchheister, Kelley, Jackson, Christa and Taylor, Cynthia. 

“An Inside Track: Fostering Mathematical Practices.” Teaching Children Mathematics, Aug. 201

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