Middle Grades Curriculum, McEnerny, Fall 2019

Course Number: EDU 5515 C36
Instructor: Dr. Monica McEnerny

This course has 2 Saturday in-person sessions at Castleton University. The remainder of the course will be held in an online environment.

Dates and Times: October 12-November 23, 2019. 10:00-2:00, Stafford Academic Center, Room 139, Castleton University.
Credits: 3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $975

NOTE: Course payment of $975 by check or purchase order, payable to Castleton University, is due at the time of registration. A purchase order number can be entered into the online registration form and the purchase order can be uploaded to the registration form. If paying by check, please mail the check to: Financial & Registration Services, Castleton University, 62 Alumni Drive, Castleton, VT 05735. To help us ensure that your payment is applied to the correct course, PLEASE WRITE “CFS” IN THE CHECK MEMO LINE. Thank you.

Course Description

Curriculum is a vital component of developmentally responsive middle grades practice.  This course will examine research behind the unique needs of young adolescents and the practices that best correspond to those needs.  In a personalized learning environment, we will explore online teaching and learning resources to help plan innovative lessons that will engage young adolescents in their learning through differentiated practices.   As a professional learning community, we will share techniques necessary to create meaningful learning opportunities and for students to engage in authentic practice.  Participants may use this course to receive credit toward their middle grades endorsement through transcript review.

Course Objectives/Goals

  • Understand how the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical developmental needs of adolescence impacts curriculum
  • Examine curriculum specifically to address global issues, personal/local perspectives, integrate real-world practice, technology and media
  • Create a safe, self-directed learning environment
  • Engage students in community projects based on interest
  • Honor student voice and choice within curriculum design

Proficiencies Addressed:

2.1. Standards/Proficiencies

Use standards, proficiencies, and transferable skills within and across disciplinary fields

to design and implement developmentally and culturally responsive, relevant, and challenging curricula for every learner.

2.2 Integration

Integrate student voice into curriculum design to address local and global issues of personal significance, including student interests, needs, and aspirations.

2.3 Multiple & New Literacies

Strengthen students’ informational, technological, quantitative, multicultural, media, and critical literacies within and across disciplinary fields.

5.3. Community Involvement

Partner with the local and global community to bring the community into the          classroom and the classroom into the community.

Required Texts

Readings, Technology, and Evaluation:

  • Readings will be provided in personalized teaching and learning modules.  Suggested texts include: 
    • McEnerny, Monica.  A Teacher’s Journey to Adolescence.  Scholars’ Press. 2015.
    • Atwell, Nancy.  In the Middle, 3rd Edition.  Heinemann. 2013.  
    • Tomlinson, Carol Ann.  Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom.  Alexandria, VA: ASCD, 2010.
  • Technology and online resources are integral parts of this course.  For help accessing technology or resources, please notify the instructor immediately so that we may make accommodations.
  • Participants in this course must demonstrate proficiency in the required standards.    Feedback on assignments will take place on Google Classroom.  All grades and confidential information will be posted to Moodle.  

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