Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning in Vermont, Reardon, Summer 2019

Location: This course begins at the Proficiency-based Teaching & Learning Symposium at Castleton University.
Dates and Times: August 13-December 15, 2019. The course begins on August 13 at the Proficiency-based Teaching & Learning Symposium at Castleton University and continues in an online format until December 15, 2019.
Credits: 3 graduate or undergraduate credits
Tuition: $900

Note: VT Southwest Education Alliance and Castleton University are partnering with JumpRope to host a day of learning. Symposium payment of $150 is due and payable to JumpRope. If, in addition to symposium attendance, you wish to take the credit bearing course, please notify JumpRope. JumpRope will then give you the link to Castleton University's online registration form. Course payment or purchase order of $900 is payable to Castleton University and is due at the time of registration.

Course Description

This course requires attendance at the August 13th Proficiency-based Teaching & Learning Symposium at Castleton University.

Proficiency-Based Learning is a key component of flexible and personalized pathways set forth in Act 77 and the Vermont State Board of Education’s Education Quality Standards. Vermont public schools must provide students with flexible and personalized pathways for progressing through grade levels and to graduation. These resources can help educators and families understand some of the changes that are taking place in Vermont schools. The focus of proficiency-based learning is on students’ demonstration of desired learning outcomes. Students gain the skills, abilities, and knowledge required in an area of study, along with those necessary to be successful in college, career and civic life. Proficiency-based learning is designed to identify and address gaps to provide equitable learning opportunities for every student. This is in contrast to traditional systems which advance students based on seat time.

A critical goal for proficiency-based learning is the elimination of persistent achievement and opportunity gaps. Proficiency-based learning can provide equitable, relevant, and rigorous learning opportunities that engage all students and foster the skills, knowledge, and habits of work necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Students live in a global society where technology puts information at their fingertips and allows them to interact with others around the world in an instant. Today’s educational systems are responding to this ever-changing world by providing learning opportunities that require students to communicate effectively, engage in creative problem-solving, collaborate virtually and face-to-face, and apply critical thinking skills. This course builds on content and practices shared at the Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning Symposium at Castleton University on August 13, 2019 and requires participants to reflect on the 3 strands attended; how information gleaned at those sessions will be shared at their respective schools and districts, and how participants envision that information will impact their own practice. Participants will also design an action research project intended to move that work forward at either the classroom, school or district levels. 

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