Rethinking Instructional Design in a Proficiency-Based Classroom, Lumbra, Spring 2020

Course Number: EDU 5515 C16
Instructor: Gabrielle Lumbra
Location: Online
Dates and Times: March 9- May 3, 2020. Asynchronous meetings online.
3 graduate
Tuition: $975

Course Description

Proficiency-based learning requires learners to be self-directed and self-reflective in their learning. Many teachers are finding that learners do not do this naturally now that there is a proficiency to work toward or a target identified. Rethinking the design of instruction and delivery can frame learning in a way that allows for students to make these necessary shifts. In this course, participants will analyze their current lesson design and delivery and redesign lessons and units in order to facilitate self-directed, proficiency-based learning experiences in classrooms. Participants will learn strategies for facilitating instruction that personalizes learning, creates more learner agency, increases engagement, and results in more meaningful reflection.

Course Goals & Objectives

Course Goals:

  • Distinguish between conventional models of instruction and a proficiency-based model
  • Use a model of instruction that is designed for developing proficiency

Course Objectives:

  • Design lessons recognizing that all learners are at different points in their learning
  • Design instruction with opportunities to self-monitor progress
  • Design lessons so that it can be quickly determined what point a student is in their learning
  • Design lessons that focus on skill proficiency
  • Design lessons that consistently provide opportunities to grow on the desired proficiency
  • Design lessons that offer opportunities for students to reflect on evidence as it relates to the expectations of proficiency in a skill
  • Design lessons that offer opportunities for learners to get feedback on their current state of proficiency

Required Texts

Required texts are not included in the course tuition.

Twadell, E. (2019). Proficiency-based instruction: Rethinking lesson design and delivery. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.

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