Technology for Busy Administrators, Aigner, Spring 2020

Course Number: EDU 5515 C20
Instructor: Patricia Aigner
Location: Rutland High School
Dates and Times: In-person and online. This course begins in-person at Rutland High School on Saturday, May 2, 2020 and continues in an online environment until July 12, 2020.
Credits: 3 graduate credits
Tuition: $1,000

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Course Description

The Big Idea

Maybe you are busy and feel like your technology skillset is rusty.  Or perhaps you are struggling to make technology dynamic in your school (s).  We will work together on the ISTE NETS for Leaders: Equity and Technology, Visionary Planning, Empowering Leader, Systems Designer, and Connected Learner to set the stage for what technology can look like in your environment.  This course will meet face-to-face one day to explore Maker/STEAM learning then continue online for the remainder of the course.

What We’ll Do

·         Play and explore one day (5 hours) with some Maker and STEAM tools

·         Update your knowledge of new and emerging technology  

·         Design or update a vision for your school(s), share lessons learned, and best practices (maker spaces, online learning, touch technology, STEAM) while looking at nationally renowned schools and districts

·         Examine how to inspire a culture of innovation, collaboration, and agency in our faculty  

·         Review systems for understanding and evaluating technology instruction 

·         Discover technology leaders and organizations to step up your technology PLN

Identify and develop a plan for where you want to gain momentum: Communication, Collaboration, Technology, Teacher Leadership, and more.

Course Goals & Objectives


·         School leaders will discover the ISTE NETs for themselves, teachers, and students.   They will develop new skills and identify resources and tools for their educational environment.

·         Leaders will produce working resources to implement into their building(s) during the school year.   These are resources that they can start using immediately.  The power of the course is that it provides participants time to discover new ideas, develop new skills, and integrate technology into their existing educational setting.

·          Develop a final project that can be in any format you choose: video, Google Slides, eBook, document, or other.


  • Discover new methods for inspiring and leading the development of technology in your building or district
  • Determine how to model and encourage the use of contemporary technology tools
  • Explore the possibilities for technology integration in your building or district
  • Develop tools for assessing technology classroom, building, and district-wide
  • Stay abreast of educational research and emerging trends through the discovery of local, state and national technology resources
  • Experience professional growth in the use of technology

Required Texts

National Educational Technology Standards, Videos, Articles

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