Technology for Struggling Learners (MTSS Without Tears), Aigner, Summer 2019

Course Number: EDU 5515 C35
Instructor: Patricia Aigner
Location: Online
Dates and Times: August 10 - October 12, 2019
Credits: 3 graduate credits
Tuition: $975

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Course Description

Technology can be a powerful tool to provide assistance and accommodations for struggling students and students with special needs. As part of UDL and DI, these tools can help any student. We will be identifying tools that work in the Google ecosystem such as apps, extensions, add-ons and more. We will also discuss how these tools are managed within a Google Domain. We will look at the impact of technology on the content, process, and product to support student readiness, interest and learner profile.
This class is completely online.

Course Goals & Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply tools to the regular education classroom that support all students like text to speech, speech to text, readability tools, comprehension tools, focus tools, navigation, browser and YouTube settings.
  2. Adjust teaching pedagogy to take into account student readiness, interest and learning style
  3. Screencast a lesson
  4. Find, install, and use a wide variety of Chrome Web Extensions, Apps and more to help students with their learning needs.
  5. Identify assistive technology and support features already built into Google tools including Google Docs, YouTube, and the Chrome web browser.

Course Expectations

Grading Structure:

Project milestones met and project completed 40%
Participate in the weekly online activities 25%
Reading assignments and reflections in online journal 25%
Professionalism and management of time 10%


Participate in the online community and be prepared to learn Work on assignments in a timely manner Complete
weekly online activities
Ask for assistance as needed, and take advantage of online office hours or face‐to‐face


Produce a technology-rich lesson using the tools described in the syllabus

Required Texts

Primary Software Resources:
Google Drive Google Apps and Classroom YouTube
Read and Write Google WeVideo Your LMS

Primary Print and Online Resources:
• Text: Articles and Text Chapters from a variety of authors
• Screencasts and videos: Instructor and a variety of resources
• National Educational Technology Standards for teachers: Preparing Teachers to Use Technology (ISTE) and Common Core 

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Patricia Aigner
(802) 683-5060

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Bethany Sprague
(802) 468-1325

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