Using Microsoft Excel in The Classroom, Spring 2019

Course Number: EDU 5515 C07
Instructor: Nicole (Nicky) DelNegro-Jozefiak
Location: In-person classes & independent work. In-person classes will be held at Arlington Memorial High School, Room 127.
Dates and Times: January 14 - March 20, 2019. 13 in-person classes. Each class is 3 hours. In-person classes will be held on the following dates: Monday & Wednesday January 14 & 16; Wednesday January 23; Monday & Wednesday January 28 & 30; Monday & Wednesday February 4 & 6; Monday & Wednesday February 11 & 13; Monday & Wednesday February 25 & 27; Monday & Wednesday March 4 & 6; Wednesday March 20 final project due =6 hours -------------- Total hours 45 hours
Credits: 3 graduate credits (45 hours)
Tuition: $950

Note: Course payment or purchase order of $950, payable to Castleton University, is due at the time of registration. A purchase order number can be entered into the online registration form and the purchase order can be uploaded to the registration form. Please mail check to the Castleton Center for Schools, Stafford Academic Center, Castleton University, 251 South Street, Castleton, VT 05753. Thank you.

Course Description

Educators and Administrators will learn to use Microsoft Excel 2013 to manipulate student data to propel their next steps for instruction and to enhance student learning in their classroom. EXCEL is also useful for teachers in MTSS and EST in creating spreadsheets to input data for data collection. Integrating technology in the classroom is becoming more and more important along with being able to assist your students to use Excel to progress in your classroom. This will allow you to teach students how to apply technology to improve and enhance their education by introducing Excel into your classroom.

Course Goals/Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Excel window and issue commands
  • Select, move, and copy cells and ranges
  • Insert, delete, move, copy, and rename worksheets
  • Create formulas to calculate values
  • Format worksheets using a variety of methods
  • Create different types of charts
  • Work with dynamic and static date functions
  • Copy worksheets and their formats
  • Build formulas with criteria IF functions and logical functions
  • Create and format tables from worksheet data
  • Draw, modify, and add text to shapes
  • Set macro security to protect workbook data
  • Group worksheets for efficient data entry
  • Protect workbooks and worksheet contents
  • Import web data into a worksheet
  • Share Excel data with Word, PowerPoint, and Access
  • Much, much more!

Course Expectations

Work Standards:

  • Please arrive on time for each class meeting. The second class meeting will begin with a review of topics covered during the first day.
  • Please notify me if you must leave early or arrive late for any class session.
  • Follow the ground rules of the course.


Your performance in this course is evaluated on your performance in exercises with the following skills:

  • Introductory skills: 33% - based on assignments in Lessons 1-4
  • Intermediate skills: 33% - based on assignments in Lessons 5-8
  • Advanced skills: 33% - based on assignments in Lessons 6-13

Required Texts

Required texts are not included in the course tuition.
Title: Microsoft Excel 2013: Comprehensive
Authors: Eric A. Weinstein
Publisher: Labyrinth Learning
ISBN: 13:978-1-59136-483-2

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